Older Hoyt Models
JD3 (John Demmer III)


Older Hoyt Models including: Gold Medalist, Avalon, Avalon Plus,Elan, Axis, Aerotec, Matrix

Compatible with:

ILF Target:

Best of Italy:  Moon, Zenit

CD Archery:  WF Series

Sky:  Conquest Advantage, TR-7

ILF Hunting:  

3 Rivers:  Dalaa (17″ and 21″)

Bear’s Paw Bows: Avian

DAS:  Dalaa, Hunter

Morrison:  13″-19″ ILF Takedown

Sky:  13″ Skyfire, 17″ Wildfire

Tradtech:  Titan I, II, III

Vantage Point Archery:  Vapor


A great many of us wish we could shoot like Demmer. He keeps showing up as the guy you got to beat if you want to make it to the medal round, and more often than not, he’s the one that gets there. Even if you aren’t shooting at that level, this is a grip I highly recommend for people who don’t really know what they want or need. John and I worked out designing this grip by modifying the existing CMS (Coach Mel Style) grip, which is popular among the Olympic style shooters for BB. A bit lower in wrist height, we also firmed up the edge on it for consistent hand placement. I made sure the thumb knuckle clearance is adequate to prevent that callus that I’ve seen on so many shooters. This geometry is consistent, comfortable, and reliable. Kind of like John really.

Additional information

Weight 7.0 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1 × 3 in


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