Presenting two fresh color lines to usher in a vibrant era, bidding farewell to our previous style hues. Welcome the all-new galaxy color line and our revamped translucent line replacement. With an innovative pigment style, these new colors boast a distinctive appeal. Hurry, as our old colors will be open for ordering only until January 6. After this date, our menus will undergo a transformation, unveiling the exciting palette of the new colors. Embrace the change and explore the dynamic possibilities!

New Galaxy Color Line:
Experience a captivating range of colors as light gracefully interacts with these grips, enabling a broader spectrum for color coordination. The term “galaxy” was inspired by the mesmerizing play of light on our new pigments, reminiscent of the ethereal images captured by the Hubble telescope. It’s a distinctive grip aesthetic, unlike anything I’ve encountered before. Explore our new galaxy line, your gateway to a grip experience like never before. Discover it here!

New Translucent Color Line:
While we cherished the aesthetic appeal of the previous translucent colors, we believe in embracing change. Our commitment to simplicity led us to streamline our translucent color options. The new selections, while slightly less transparent, offer a vivid palette for the body or palm pad, allowing you to infuse vibrant colors into your experience. Additionally, these colors seamlessly complement the option of pairing with a galaxy color palm pad for a unique touch. Embrace the evolution of our color offerings! Discover it here!

Please take note: We are currently exploring additional special colors that may become permanent additions to our options or available on a special basis. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

You might wonder why we decided to discontinue that particular color line. The primary factor behind this decision was the increasing unreliability of the materials batches used to produce that specific grip hue. Unfortunately, we were facing significant challenges, requiring nearly three attempts to mold the grip without imperfections. In essence, the unreliability of the materials, coupled with the high demand and escalating molding costs, made it unsustainable for us to continue producing that color line.