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Partlowe, Stonebraker, and the JD3 for PSE X Appeal and Factor.


COMING SOON, Special Limited Edition Grips

This grip series are models that we have made custom for folks but aren’t made for every type of riser out there. On the product page, the riser these are made for are in the selection list.

Rick Stonebraker
Texas barebow legend Rick Stonebraker designed a grip with a wide, flat, and low angle. Great for large hands. A no fuss, all business barebow grip. Take a look in the new Special Edition section.

Grayson Partlowe
Another legend that shows up, kicks butt, takes names, and then retires until he decides he doesn’t want to be retired anymore. Kind like Chuck Norris. Against the “norm” of low grips equal barebow, this grip is on the high side and slopes in the opposite direction. It’s essentially a heavily modded JD3. Take a look in the new Special Edition section.

Coming soon to a riser near you
PSE, an old legend comes back to life, and a TBD of 2 former Olympians.


New Colors

Presenting two fresh color lines to usher in a vibrant era, bidding farewell to our previous style hues. Welcome the all-new galaxy color line and our revamped translucent line replacement. With an innovative pigment style, these new colors boast a distinctive appeal. Hurry, as our old colors will be open for ordering only until January 6. After this date, our menus will undergo a transformation, unveiling the exciting palette of the new colors. Embrace the change and explore the dynamic possibilities!

New Galaxy Color Line:
Experience a captivating range of colors as light gracefully interacts with these grips, enabling a broader spectrum for color coordination. The term “galaxy” was inspired by the mesmerizing play of light on our new pigments, reminiscent of the ethereal images captured by the Hubble telescope. It’s a distinctive grip aesthetic, unlike anything I’ve encountered before. Explore our new galaxy line, your gateway to a grip experience like never before. Discover it here.

New Translucent Color Line:
While we cherished the aesthetic appeal of the previous translucent colors, we believe in embracing change. Our commitment to simplicity led us to streamline our translucent color options. The new selections, while slightly less transparent, offer a vivid palette for the body or palm pad, allowing you to infuse vibrant colors into your experience. Additionally, these colors seamlessly complement the option of pairing with a galaxy color palm pad for a unique touch. Embrace the evolution of our color offerings! Discover it here.

New product announcements coming soon!


Welcome to Jager Archery!

Having spent the years since 2006-ish figuring out what works well and in some cases not so well, Jager Archery has built a reputation as an innovator and supplier of superior quality, high performance grips for both recurve and compound archery. The plan, as attributed to Roger Ascham and Toxophilus(1545) is to “hit the mark.” Our products are the result of our passion for the sport of archery. That includes all kinds of archery. If it flings arrows, we want to be there thinking about how to make it even better for our shooters.

Over the centuries there have been vast improvements in bow manufacture and design, but in the final analysis, what is it that makes a bow great? Some might say it is a combination of measurable factors like accuracy and speed, but the truth is the same now as it has always been. A great bow is one that the user can get to do anything he/she wants. If that involves plunking the center out of a target, so be it. It has always been the potential of the shooter that must be realized for greatness to be achieved.

That being said, it’s fair to say that a good number of well designed bows have failed to consider that a human being is the most integral part of a bow. The factor we think has the greatest effect on shot execution is how you interface with your bow. When you purchase a Jager grip, you don’t just get something that looks good, but a grip that helps you realize a much better interface. Remember, the world is full of great bows, all of which were designed to perform to certain standards. However, I’m sure almost everyone can, without hesitation, remember saying at one time or other, “I like this bow a lot, but this grip is terrible!” This is exactly why we exist.

Our products are designed to improve how you connect to your bow. You can spend all you want on mechanical design, but if you can’t make it work, it might as well be a string and a stick.

Have a look around the site and see if there’s something you like. I have grips for most of the top manufacturers ranges, and even a few I consider orphans. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it might be worth it to Contact Us  and ask about something that may not be on display or is in some stage of development. We may not be able to get back to you immediately, but we try to answer all inquiries.

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