Frequently Asked Questions

  • JD3  A great many of us wish we could shoot like Demmer. He keeps showing up as the guy you got to beat if you want to make it to the medal round, and more often than not, he’s the one that gets there. Even if you aren’t shooting at that level, this is a grip I highly recommend for people who don’t really know what they want or need. John and I worked out designing this grip by modifying the existing CMS (Coach Mel Style) grip, which is popular among the Olympic style shooters for BB. A bit lower in wrist height (33°), we also accentuated the edge on it for consistent hand placement. I made sure the thumb knuckle clearance is adequate to prevent that callus that I’ve seen on so many shooters. This geometry is consistent, comfortable, and reliable. Kind of like John really.
  • CMS (Coach Mel Style)  Many of you have heard of this grip through the grapevine. It was developed by Coach Mel Nichols of Pineapple Archery. CMS stands for “Coach Mel Style”. The grip is basically the Hoyt stock grip with some alteration. Wrist angle runs about 38° if you measure down the center of the grip. It has a very gradual slope from shelf to thumb side. It’s uniformly narrow along it’s length which makes it a good fit for hands that range from small to large. The thumb-side of the nose is contoured to encourage the hand to rotate into the bow so the elbow points out. This grip has been used by Jack Williams almost from the time it became available and is generally accepted as one that supports the NTS system.
  • 3.OH   This grip was definitely a collaborative effort. Those who are familiar with the development of the Jager 2.0 grip into the Jager 3.0 know I tried to get away with just making a medium and a high wrist rather than Low, Med, and High. The 3.0 style was made with the intention of being more “accuracy” oriented. I put a lot more focus in the throat area and made it hug the hand more while still outlining the areas where the palm should make contact by cutting away the heel on the fingers side of the grip. In retrospect, I think I made it too tight for hands that are a bit larger, and I think the high was just a bit too high. Enter Sungwoo Shin of Southwest Archery Academy and his student Joonsuh Oh. Coach Shin liked what I did, but wanted something in between. I didn’t disagree, and after some rework, the two models of 3.0 became the single model of 3.OH.
  • Casey K   The Casey K is Casey Kaufhold’s grip. This grip has a bit more of an American pedigree. As I understand it, she’s been getting coaching from some pretty high profile coaches like Dick Tone and former Olympians like Jay Barrs. This grip is reminiscent of the styles that were used when Koreans came to learn how Americans shot. It has more of a domed/arched top which makes it more difficult to give it a wrist angle, (37°ish), but not so extreme like a ball grip. The pressure point is closer to the thumb than say the CMS (Coach Mel Style) grip. Actually it’s kind of weird that Sjef van den Berg’s grip over at Triple Trouble Archery looks a lot like it. Apparently great minds do think alike!
  • Pinnacle
If you can't find a grip that is compatible with your bow,  Contact Us .  It's possible we have it categorized in a weird way (Cindy Did It!) -  Or it's possible we aren't making grips for that bow.   If that's the case, we want to know what you're looking for.  If we hear enough complaints about a certain grip we don't have, we are likely to add that grip to our offerings.
Jager Archery pioneered the Integrated Rubber Palm Pad. This "Palm Pad" feature puts a layer of rubber between you and the back of your grip. This isn't so much for compression as it is for just a little bit of tack. No more ugly grip tape on your high dollar rig! This isn't just a piece of rubber we glue on after the fact, it is actually cast seamlessly into the grip so it will never come loose! Keep in mind that all Jager Grips are available without the palm pad feature. One advantage to having a solid hard polyurethane grip is that it can be easily shaped with a file and sandpaper for your own custom fit. Even the ones with swirled colors can be altered without losing the multi-color effect. Since they are made from two different colored resins poured together into the tool, the swirl pattern goes all the way through the part.
This is a common question with a sort-of complicated answer. Regardless of larger or smaller the BEST Style (and especially the BEST Style 2.0) changes pressure points with the intent of improving shot execution.  To answer the question directly though, in general, they are no larger, or smaller than the stock grips they are made to replace.  And we won't need a measurement of your hand to make a grip that will fit you.
Please see the shop for prices for individual items and upgrades.
When you check out, you'll be directed to our PayPal payment page.  Here, you can pay with your PayPal account or a credit card if you don't have, or want, a PayPal account.  (If you DO have a PayPal account, I believe you can also pay directly from your bank account.)
All our products are custom or semi-custom and made to order. Once a week, on Monday, we batch up all the orders from the foregoing week and make appropriate boxes and shipping labels, which then go out to 'The Shop' for Production.  Over the next few days, Paul and Gill make each grip according to your specifications.  Then, usually on Saturday - or possibly Monday, the orders will be boxed and shipped, via the shipping option you choose at checkout.   *If you choose an expedited option, your order will receive priority production and handling and will be shipped as early as possible. Keep in mind, if your order is placed on Monday, it will end up in the batch for the FOLLOWING week. Once your order ships, please allow about a week for US addresses and 2 to 4 weeks for international orders, unless you select Expedited shipping.  We can provide links to tracking information if you think it's taking longer than it should, but unless your local postal service integrates with US Postal Service tracking service, you may not be able to see any information once the package leaves the US. If someone here gets sick, or we go on vacation, or any one of countless unforeseen circumstances occur, this schedule may get chucked,  and then we'll get stuff done just as soon as we possibly can.  We'll try to keep you in the loop, but if you think it's been longer than expected,  use our Contact Form and ask us for a status update.
We don't have a formal sponsorship program.  In the past we have provided products free or at reduced price to select shooters.  However, this practice has inspired a great number of enquiries and placed Jäger Archery in an awkward position.  As a really nice guy trying to run a profitable business I have to find a balance between the two.  Our policy is to not respond to sponsorship requests.  However, if you use our products and demonstrate efforts to promote them, don't be surprised if we reach out to you with an offer of some kind!
Look. We do one thing, and we do it well. It's archery products. It obviously ain't websites! Sometimes things work great. Sometimes things don't work so great. Let us know, we are always trying to improve, but if we can't fix the issue on the site, we can at least tell YOU what the deal is with your order. email: jagerarchery@gmail.com or use our Contact Us form
We sell internationally and with all the different time zones in the world, telephone contact is impractical. There are two best ways to reach us: email: jagerarchery@gmail.com or use our Contact Us form

Shipping times DO NOT reflect order processing and production for these custom and semi-custom products. Please add 7-14 days when calculating delivery time.

You are buying one of my products. All sales are final unless there is a defect or unresolvable fit issue. Fit issues may require troubleshooting via email, text, phone, llama, etc. Exchanges are frowned upon. They take up a lot of time and we made this cool new site so you could see what you are going to buy before you purchase. If you really feel so strongly that you can't live without a different option than the one you have, feel free to state your case. Cases that are accompanied by $20 paypal transfers will receive priority consideration. Cases that are determined to be no fault of Jager Archery Products LLC may be subject to additional charges for postage and restocking fees. Attention Non-US Customers Some countries charge fees for the importation of goods.  These fees are the responsibility of the customer, and may require payment before your order will be delivered by your local postal service.  There is no course by which Jäger Archery Products can pay these fees on our customers' behalf. It is, therefore, your responsibility to determine if your country will require payment or fees when importing your order.  We have no control over whether or not a fee or fees will be charged and we are unable to list a false sales price on the customs declaration form we send with each order. We would like to keep a list of which countries do charge fees or taxes for imports for the convenience of our customers, if you are aware that your country has such a charge, please email us at Contact Us to inform us so we may update this list. If you are experiencing a delay in delivery of your order, it is often due to this.  You should take a printout of your tracking information to your local postal office, to see if the item is being held pending payment of fees/taxes. Countries known to charge import fees/taxes: United Kingdom:   Import tax and postal handling fee.  We've been told the fees charged are ~ 20% - 25% of the sales price, and will be required to be paid before item will be released from your local postal office. Netherlands:   According to one of our Customers, the import fees/taxes to the Netherlands can range from 28% to 45%, depending on the value of your purchase and the customs clearance costs of the transporter. Package is released on a payment on delivery basis;  this is at the door or when you pick it up at their central hub.