I can't find a grip for my make and model?

If you can’t find a grip that is compatible with your bow,  Contact Us .  It’s possible we have it categorized in a weird way (Cindy Did It!) –  Or it’s possible we aren’t making grips for that bow.   If that’s the case, we want to know what you’re looking for.  If we hear enough complaints about a certain grip we don’t have, we are likely to add that grip to our offerings.

How much does it cost?

Grip Prices:


A solid black grip is $49.95

A color grip is $59.95  (Any grip that has any color in it other than black, is a color grip)


We offer quantity discounts!  If you order 5 or more grips, we’ll give you a 25% discount off the total price of the grips.


Jäger Spacers:

Single Color $18.00

Two colors (top color and bottom color) $20.00


Jäger Arm Guards:

Single, solid color $18.00

Two colors; swirled together $20.00


Shipping will be calculated at check out using actual US Postal Service rates. 

What is the difference between Standard, BEST Style, Jäger 2.0, Jäger 3.0, CMS?

The original version BEST Style grip has a fully defined pressure ridge that runs along the palm.


The Jäger 2.0 version has a sculpted pressure ridge that places the pressure only where it needs to be.  Click HERE for more information about how the 2.0 version came to be!


The Standard Jager Grip doesn’t necessarily conform to either BEST Style or BEST Style 2.0 lines.  It is neutral in slant and varies in wrist height.


CMS (Coach Mel Style)  This grip is on the higher side (same grip angle as the new Hoyt high stock grip), and gives a very organic feel where you interface with the bottom of the nose (especially on the thumb side).  It is contoured to minimize that rub point on the thumb joint and moves your hand to the sweet spot on your palm.  It is neutral in slant side to side, and close to flat across the width.  It is generally narrow.  The thumb side relief keeps the thumb a little lower and hugs it comfortably if you push your thumb out.


The Jäger 3.0 is a hybrid of my 2.0 and the CMS grip.  First off, this one has a deeper throat to accommodate the CMS thumb detail.  Looking at the it from the side, the angle from the nose to the grip is tighter than on the 2.0 version.  The 3.0 still has the heel cutout to allow for a more focused pressure at the base of the thumb and into the palm.  The face of the grip is generally flat, but it slopes moderately toward the thumb side.

What are my color options?

A Color or Multi-Colored grip is one that is not Solid Black


The rules for ordering a Multi-Colored Grip are as follows:


-The grip can be a single, solid color, or two different colors swirled together.  No more than two, please.


-The Optional palm pad must be a single color (one of the colors in the grip, or a third, different color).   As cool as it would be, the palm pad material does not lend itself to multiple colors.


-Can be ordered as a solid color for the grip portion and a different color for the palm pad.


-Can be ordered as a single solid color other than Black.




Since we don’t have a standard color palette, it is important to be specific. If you want to provide links to examples of the colors you want, then please do
so in the “Comments” area of the order form. Even so, Paul is good at the art of mixing colors and they will be as close as is reasonable, and exact color matches cannot be guaranteed.


Lighter colors, will tend to yellow over time.


There are some colors that don’t mix well in the Multi-Color swirls…   Yellows don’t sit well next to Blues and when they are swirled together, there will be Green.  With that in mind, realize that there is a lot of yellow in oranges, and a lot of blue in black.

Where can I get support?

We sell internationally and with all the different time zones in the world, telephone contact is impractical.

There are two best ways to reach us:

email: jagerarchery@gmail.com


use our Contact Us form

What's a Rubber Palm Pad?

Jager Archery pioneered the Integrated Rubber Palm Pad. This “Palm Pad” feature puts a layer of rubber between you and the back of your grip. This isn’t so much for compression as it is for just a little bit of tack. No more ugly grip tape on your high dollar rig! This isn’t just a piece of rubber we glue on after the fact, it is actually cast seamlessly into the grip so it will never come loose!


Keep in mind that all Jager Grips are available without the palm pad feature. One advantage to having a solid hard polyurethane grip is that it can be easily shaped with a file and sandpaper for your own custom fit. Even the ones with swirled colors can be altered without losing the multi-color effect. Since they are made from two different colored resins poured together into the tool, the swirl pattern goes all the way through the part.

What about size?

This is a common question with a sort-of complicated answer.

Regardless of larger or smaller the BEST Style (and especially the BEST Style 2.0) changes pressure points with the intent of improving shot execution.  To answer the question directly though, in general, they are no larger, or smaller than the stock grips they are made to replace.  And we won’t need a measurement of your hand to make a grip that will fit you.

I received my grip, but it looks different than another one I've seen?

Because we’re always pushing forward with grip design, an older design, while still good, may not reflect more up to date trends and schools of thought.  So, from time to time grip designs – while still conforming to the tradition of the platform (i.e., BEST Style, BEST Style 2.0 & Standard Style) may evolve in some ways.

How do I pay?

When you check out, you’ll be directed to our PayPal payment page.  Here, you can pay with your PayPal account or a credit card if you don’t have, or want, a PayPal account.  (If you DO have a PayPal account, I believe you can also pay directly from your bank account.)

Do you have my grip in stock? When will my grip be shipped?

After you place your order, here’s what happens:


Once a week, on Sunday, we batch up all the orders from the foregoing week and make appropriate boxes and shipping labels, which then go out to The Shop for Production.  Over the next few days, Paul and Gill make each grip according to your specifications.  Then, usually on Saturday – or possibly Monday, the orders will be boxed and shipped, via the shipping option you choose at checkout.   Keep in mind, if your order is placed on Monday, it will end up in the batch for the FOLLOWING week.


Once your order ships, please allow about a week for US addresses and 2 to 4 weeks for international orders, unless you select Expedited shipping.  We can provide links to tracking information if you think it’s taking longer than it should, but unless your local postal service integrates with US Postal Service tracking service, you may not be able to see any information once the package leaves the US.


If someone here gets sick, or we go on vacation, or any one of countless unforeseen circumstances occur, this schedule may get chucked,  and then we’ll get stuff done just as soon as we possibly can.  We’ll try to keep you in the loop, but if you think it’s been longer than expected,  use our Contact Form and ask us for a status update.

Does Jäger Archery have a sponsorship program?

We don’t have a formal sponsorship program.  In the past we have provided products free or at reduced price to select shooters.  However, this practice has inspired a great number of enquiries and placed Jäger Archery in an awkward position.  As a really nice guy trying to run a profitable business I have to find a balance between the two.  Our policy is to not respond to sponsorship requests.  However, if you use our products and demonstrate efforts to promote them, don’t be surprised if we reach out to you with an offer of some kind!

Why is Jäger Archery spelled differently than your last name 'Jaeger'?

Because the European Spelling is so much sexier;  I have a thing for European accent marks!

Terms & Conditions

You are buying one of my products. All sales are final unless there is a defect or unresolvable fit issue. Fit issues may require troubleshooting via email, text, phone, llama, etc.
Exchanges are frowned upon. They take up a lot of time and we made this cool new site so you could see what you are going to buy before you purchase. If you really feel so strongly that you can’t live without a different option than the one you have, feel free to state your case. Cases that are accompanied by $20 paypal transfers will receive priority consideration. Cases that are determined to be no fault of Jager Archery Products LLC may be subject to additional charges for postage and restocking fees.

Before You Buy a BEST STYLE Grip:

A BEST Style Grip may or may not be the right grip for you.  What you need to know about choosing a BEST Style Grip is that it is very different than any stock grip (especially true of the high wrist option).  The design is based on the collaborative efforts of John Magera and Coach Lee, shortly after he came to coach the US team.  The practical part of the design is that it encourages a specific hand, elbow and shoulder position to promote bone alignment.  If you don’t use it as intended, it can make you question it’s purpose.  For those who have never seen one before, I fairly often get an email asking if I sent the opposite hand grip.  Based purely on comfort, the High BEST Style Grip feels quite nice on the opposite hand.  This is only a coincidence, and the easiest way to determine if you have the correct grip for your bow is whether it fits on the bow.  A left handed grip won’t fit on a right handed bow and vise versa.

If you want a grip that firmly encourages you into a position that supports this style of shooting, then this is a good option.  If you aren’t sure, you may want to try a lower wrist version of this grip, or any of the other options available for sale.  They will all enable you to put the pressure at the base of your thumb and execute a good shot.

Attention Non-US Customers

Some countries charge fees for the importation of goods.  These fees are the responsibility of the customer, and may require payment before your order will be delivered by your local postal service.  There is no course by which Jäger Archery Products can pay these fees on our customers’ behalf. It is, therefore, your responsibility to determine if your country will require payment or fees when importing your order.  We have no control over whether or not a fee or fees will be charged and we are unable to list a false sales price on the customs declaration form we send with each order.

We would like to keep a list of which countries do charge fees or taxes for imports for the convenience of our customers, if you are aware that your country has such a charge, please email us at Contact Us to inform us so we may update this list.

If you are experiencing a delay in delivery of your order, it is often due to this.  You should take a printout of your tracking information to your local postal office, to see if the item is being held pending payment of fees/taxes.

Countries known to charge import fees/taxes:

United Kingdom:   Import tax and postal handling fee.  We’ve been told the fees charged are ~ 20% – 25% of the sales price, and will be required to be paid before item will be released from your local postal office.

Netherlands:   According to one of our Customers, the import fees/taxes to the Netherlands can range from 28% to 45%, depending on the value of your purchase and the customs clearance costs of the transporter. Package is released on a payment on delivery basis;  this is at the door or when you pick it up at their central hub.

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