Before You Buy a BEST STYLE Grip

Before You Buy a BEST STYLE Grip:

A BEST Style Grip may or may not be the right grip for you.  What you need to know about choosing a BEST Style Grip is that it is very different than any stock grip (especially true of the high wrist option).  The design is based on the collaborative efforts of John Magera and Coach Lee, shortly after he came to coach the US team.  The practical part of the design is that it encourages a specific hand, elbow and shoulder position to promote bone alignment.  If you don’t use it as intended, it can make you question its purpose.  For those who have never seen one before, I fairly often get an email asking if I sent the opposite hand grip.  Based purely on comfort, the High BEST Style Grip feels quite nice on the opposite hand.  This is only a coincidence, and the easiest way to determine if you have the correct grip for your bow is whether it fits on the bow.  A left handed grip won’t fit on a right handed bow and vise versa.

If you want a grip that firmly encourages you into a position that supports this style of shooting, then this is a good option.  If you aren’t sure, you may want to try a lower wrist version of this grip, or any of the other options available for sale.  They will all enable you to put the pressure at the base of your thumb and execute a good shot.