Older Hoyt Models (High) – JÄGER 3.0


Older Hoyt Models including: Gold Medalist, Avalon, Avalon Plus, Elan, Axis, Aerotec, Matrix 

Compatible with:

ILF Target:

Best of Italy:  Moon, Zenit

CD Archery:  WF Series

Gillo:  G1

Sky:  Conquest Advantage, TR-7

ILF Hunting:  

3 Rivers:  Dalaa (17″ and 21″)

Bear’s Paw Bows: Avian

DAS:  Dalaa, Hunter

Morrison:  13″-19″ ILF Takedown

Sky:  13″ Skyfire, 17″ Wildfire

Tradtech:  Titan I, II, III

Vantage Point Archery:  Vapor

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