Jager-Yost Artemis Tabs

If you’ve found your way to this page, be warned, you may be on the verge of purchasing a new tab in the very near future (Pre-Orders for Split-Finger/Olympic style tab being taken for shipping on 12/01/20). I know there are a lot of choices out there, and there isn’t a wrong choice if you get it to work for you. However, if you’re looking at features and value, I think I got a good shot of getting your business.

Before we get too far into the virtues of the Jager-Yost Artemis Tabs, I think we should make a distinction between some of the types of tabs I see out on the market. I feel that all tabs fall into a spectrum of minimal to extension. On one end, a minimal tab is one that is primarily designed to keep the string off your fingers and not much else. On the other end, an extension tab has features that shape the way you hook the string (palm plates, pinky hooks, thumb rests, adjustable shelves, cup holders, etc…) The intent of the Jager-Yost Artemis Tabs are to add some features to a minimalist framework.  The features are intended to augment the fit of the tab to your particular hand rather than create obstacles to a natural hook. It is our opinion that a good and consistent hook will sort out the majority of biomechanical issues you may exhibit with a tab that doesn’t fit well. Jager Archery and Yost Archery are all about filling the gaps between you and your bow.

Fit Features:

  1. Contoured finger slots
  2. Adjustability for finger length and thickness
  3. Self-Adjusting Spacer Cap with Quick Attach/Detach Feature
  4. Stepped index finger (split finger only)
  5. Optional Shelf Attachment (split finger only)
  6. Fixed/Contoured nock clearance feature (split-finger only)

Availability and Pricing

Due to a last minute design modification (Thank you Frank McDonough for adding the cherry on top.) we are just taking pre-orders for Large size RH/LH for BB and Split finger versions. The majority of shooters fit into this size even though it’s called a “large”. We think we can do this with 2 sizes due to the flexibility in fit adjustment.

The plan is to have versions of the Premium Artemis Split finger tab and BB tab available in the large size (RH/LH) by 12/01/20 and BB conversion kit (if you already have a Yost tab and want the spacer and ergo plate) are available for order now and will ship on 11/07/20 . Color options for the polymer portions of the hardware are solid black for now (sorry about that).

Pre-orders will be shipped just as soon as we get the parts and assemble them.

Pricing and Options.

FULL Jager-Yost Artemis TABS WITH FACES (Assembled)

Brass Anchor plate, Black Ergo Plate with Self-Adjusting Spacer, 3 Spacer Shims, and choice of Kangaroo Leather or Cordovan. $75.00 plus shipping


Composed of Ergo Plate, Self-Adjusting Spacer, 3 Spacer Shims, Elastic Ribbon, and 3 longer 8-32 screws for attachment to Anchor Plate. $35.00 plus shipping

Jager-Yost Artemis BB Tab