Jäger 3.0 Grip

So here we go again.  After a very successful launch of the CMS (Coach Mel Style) grips, I got a few shooters asking if I would be making the Jäger 2.0 grips with the CMS style thumb detail.  The answer is Jäger 3.0.  (Coincidentally, I just hammered out a deal that will make some of my grips available through Lancaster Archery and this is one you can get there.)

What is a Jäger 3.0 grip you ask?  It’s a hybrid of my 2.0 and the CMS grip.  First off, this one has a deeper throat to accommodate the CMS thumb detail.  Looking at the it from the side, the angle from the nose to the grip is tighter than on the 2.0 version.  The 3.0 still has the heel cutout to allow for a more focused pressure at the base of the thumb and into the palm.  The face of the grip is generally flat, but it slopes moderately toward the thumb side.

As of August 1st, 2018 the 3.0 is widely available.  Search for your model + 3.0 to see if we have one for you!