CMS Grips (Coach Mel Style)

The Latest Addition to the Jäger Archery Products Line of High Performance Grips

Coach Mel Nichols of Pineapple Archery has become one of those fixed points in competitive archery.  It seems like whenever one of the US Elite archers walks back from the shooting line, he’s the guy giving the high five or fist bump.  His skill as a performance coach is highly sought after, and when he asked me to make a couple grips for his students to his specification, I was eager to see what it was he had going on behind the curtain.  It wasn’t long after I sent those grips out that I started to get inquiries from other archers asking if they could get one or two for their bows, so I asked Mel if I could start making them for general consumption and he gave me the green light.

So what is a CMS grip you ask?  This grip is on the higher side (same grip angle as the new Hoyt high stock grip), and gives a very organic feel where you interface with the bottom of the nose (especially on the thumb side).  It is contoured to minimize that rub point on the thumb joint and moves your hand to the sweet spot on your palm.  It is neutral in slant side to side, and close to flat across the width.  It is generally narrow.  The thumb side relief keeps the thumb a little lower and hugs it comfortably if you push your thumb out.  This is a nice detail, and I will be including it in most of my new work (Jager 3.0).